Friday, February 1, 2008

Is Mr. Bernanke a Shear Genius or Jester to the Market?

This week was a turbulent market to say the least. The question that now has to be addressed is Mr. Bernanke a shear genius or just a jester to the market? Only time will tell as this market unravels. The scary part is that if inflation decides to take a bite out of the consumer, will there be enough bullets left in the chamber to deal with? I thought that being the Fed chairman, one was not to be influenced by the market when making fed policy? At the moment it does not appear to be that way. As soon as the announcment was made of the additonal .50 cut to the federal funds rate, the stock market seals were already barking for more. I have seen this type of reaction before in may last visit to Sea World. Tough job to say the least but if he lets the market influence his decsion, then it will blow up just like this mortgage malaise. Oh yeah the market also created this mortgage mess as well. Thanks a bunch! The say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Best of Trades,
Jason T. Campbell

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