Sunday, July 4, 2010

AMZN- When Fundemntals and Technicals met perfectly.

In a world were content matters, a battle is going on over who delivers you the content. RIMM was early to the party by delivering a cell phone that allowed you to communicate via email to work or home on a moments notice. Next came the iPhone and was at one time considered the underdog in the smart phone revolution, and then came Amazon with it's Kindle introducing a new way for Book fanatics to seek out information. The one element that has reduced the Blackberry to it's knees and made new technology innovations seem Ho -Hum is the applications world for the iPhone. The iPhone is becoming the popular champ thanks to the applications that help make this hand held device the super computer phone to be for now unbeatable. Now take a closer look on how the once unbeatable RIMM chart now looks like it will go and join PALM and revisit the early days, as for AMZN, it is great the they are now producing profits but it seems like the Kindle is already a relic compared to the iPhone. Look closely at the chart of AMZN and see how this Double top is concern. This is when you look around and see that the sweeping finger of iPhone is out touching all of it's competitors by an arms length. Now AAPL is in the hot seat and wll have to keep reinventing itself to keep pace with the fast pace generation of information now and fast.